Hike to Lac du Lauvitel

Difficulty : Beginner
Duration : Half a day
Elevation : 1530m

Lac du lauvitel is a Lake in the region of Le Bourg-d’Oisans which is in the Oisans region of the French Alps. This region is often considered for the Tour de France race. A couple of skii resort like the Les deux Alps are also nearby.

We started from Grenoble at 9 AM in the morning and reached the start of the hiking trail at 10:00 AM. The hike was 1hr 45 minutes long in either direction. In your path you will see many springs and you might need to cross little water, so water proof shoes are recommended.

I have a couple of pictures to justify the beauty of the place. Take a look here.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1173354899375824.1073741840.100001039747175&type=1&l=aa21dba7c7

The website of the Oisans mountain range http://montagne-oisans.com. You can find information about various events and activities and also the trails.


Fete des tuille Grenoble

Grenoble as such is a quiet city except for a couple of festivals. Fete des tuile is one such festival. This festival marks the start of the French revolution. Grenoble is the city that played an important role in the highly desired Family planning scheme of France, workers mutual and the return of Tram in France.

This festival is celebrated by dance and music of various kinds in the streets. There are street theatres and a very famous Parade. I have attached a few captures from this day here, in the below playlist.