Proximity Interaction

A new field of Proximity technology is around the corner. It is indoor location based notification. Now the notification could be some ad about a product or a personalised suggestion or some information.

This is made possible by the beacon technology, originally introduced by Apple and heavily researched by Google. There are several technology providers in the market and they are all trying to come up with better hardware and CMS etc. Every one is concentrated on how they will collect the data and provide insights to the customers.

However the implementation is left for the customer owning the real estate. Now just imagine the whole new problem it is going to create for the mobile users. The customer will get so many notifications, will it not be puzzling?

I think we need to research on this Notification based user interface. One way to think of it as a trigger that is trying to let the user take some action, i.e watching mobile phone screen. This is Nir Eyal’s idea and he is trying to model the notification User interface by internal and external trigger modelling. Read here:

How else can we model the interaction?


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