Visualisation of 100 best movies

Recently in 2016 BBC published a list of 100 best movies. Critics from different parts of the world were asked to rank their top 10 movies. Based on these votes they came up with a final rank of 100 top movies.

How would you visualise this data? Would you just display the top 100 movies? Well, that’s the most important and simplified visualisation for this dataset. However if you just do so, you loose lots of information like which movie was voted the maximum time in position 2 etc. How many critics were there and from which country?

I had to solve this visualisation problem as part of my course Information Visualisation and this is what I came up with.

The cleanest visualisation is presented in Overview. If you want to dig deeper you must use the “Detailed view”. In this you can sort by all the columns and even group by multiple ranks, in any order as you like. Lastly you can use the “Map View” to get details about critics from different parts of the world. Enjoy!


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